Sugar is a bitch, but by gosh is it delicious! However, the sugar we consume by the truckload that we’re not so familiar with, is the one that’s derived from grains. That’s your breads, pizzas, pastas and savory pastry treats. Here’s some news for you, all grains turn to sugar in the body. If you search for Primal Diet online you’ll come across a very fit Mark Sisson. He may just change your whole perception of the food you consume. Maybe even your life. Good luck!

A Han and Chewie Story

If you’re a die hard Star Wars fan, there are quite a few references in this one for you to spot. Place names, creatures, vehicles. Are there any you’ve never heard of?

We can’t all own a wolf, so man devised all sorts of critters to suit our tastes and needs, be they useful or just down right cute. A bit of life altering, genetic mutations never hurt anyone did they? That is, until you lose your little sausage dog after five years due to a genetic condition. Or maybe your veterinarian bills resemble an encyclopedia from trying to fix your bulldog’s chronic breathing problems. But they’re just so dam CUTE!

Poetry has always been personal therapy for me, I’m sure most poets will agree… There you go, you see? I can’t help myself. When faced with a personal problem, writing it down in flowing verse would instantly make me feel better once the last full stop made its mark. It’s basically a cleanse. When I started writing to prompts however, I entered a whole new world of subject matter that sparked more informative and storytelling pieces. Also, a lot more fun! But at its core, poetry is still my personal therapist, always on call.

There’s something special about those helpful furry friends. A life changing partner that’s so much more than a pet. I can’t help but melt a little inside every time I see one on the job. Hats off to the doggies!


Creative opportunist on the run from humdrum. A fan of comedy, animation, and a chronic metromaniac who draws cartoon mushrooms in compromising situations.

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