An Uplifting Cheese Sandwich

(Learn, Laugh, Love, Be Happy, Pass It On)

Poetry Prompt: Happiness

Learn about yourself, your loves,
Your strengths your habits and faults.
Let your passion fuel direction,
Keep small steps there in your thoughts.

Develop all your talents and skills,
They’re not just silly quirks.
Use them to help others,
Making money this way works.

Reflect on situations,
Where you feel that you are weak.
Remove them or improve them,
And begin your winning streak.

Learn about your neighbors,
Who and what and why they are.
Without this understanding,
You may never get too far.

Judge not your fellow humans,
By the baited mouths of others.
Find out what they’re about before,
You judge from others’ utters.

By all means keep upon a shelf,
The tales that you’ve been told.
They may still be quite useful,
Whether facts are hot or cold.

Learn about the world around you,
The goods the bads and greats!
If you give a screw, there’s good to do,
Intertwined are all our fates.

Laugh often at yourself, your fails,
Your sad times and the happy.
Comedy doesn’t cure a cold,
But perks you up real snappy.

Don’t build walls around you,
That will silence all your critics.
These comments can enhance you,
And are laden with great snippets.

Approaching life as a pro at all,
Will build you up to act-so.
Forcing you to never fall,
No matter what the axe stroke.

Being right for sake of pride,
Will bring out sides of dark.
And force you to put doubters down,
By lie or bite or bark.

But having no walls rocks!
And is the key to be receptive.
Especially, if self improvement,
Is your main objective.

Even when we brush with death,
And stare into his eyes,
Laughter is a healer,
Forming steps to help you rise.

Laugh with those around you,
All their crises, bumps and madness.
Let them know, you’re just the same,
And there’s no need for sadness.

Making fun is one thing,
Putting down is quite another.
Some will use it to indulge,
Their go-to source of power.

Persons who are of this kind,
Will keep you feeling down.
Don’t gift them with your time,
Or else your soul will surely drown.

Laugh at what’s around you,
Be aware that life is funny.
It will get grey and dark at times
But smiles can make it sunny.

Tears are tears, embrace them,
But don’t fill a pool of worry.
Let them fuel your wave of change,
Then surf it in a hurry.

Love yourself, and deeply do,
Each thought and dream included.
Thinking of yourself is not,
An act which is deluded.

If you can’t breath, you’re useless
To all those who are in need.
So put yourself together,
Before you give yourself to bleed.

Love your body, it’s all you have,
Not sold in any store.
And although its not quite perfect,
They’re not making any more.

Love what you do, and if you don’t,
Then make some room for change.
If you follow someone else’s dreams,
Your own will be estranged.

Hate is for the ignorant,
Violence, the absent minded.
And if you ever do these things,
You’ll wish you could rewind it.

Love others for their company,
Their words and understanding.
When troubled air has wrecked your flair,
They’ll be your strip for landing.

Listen, Listen, Listen,
When you’re done, listen again!
The most important words are those,
Which come from our good friends.

The ones we play with, share our thoughts,
And tell of all our troubles.
They’ll see us through our hardest times,
And help us solve our muddles.

Celebrate your differences,
Your views, do not impose.
If you know where someone’s coming from
You’ll both know where to go.

Everyone’s a product
Of the trials that they’ve been through,
Trauma, stresses, blessings, joys,
They all built parts of you.

Love the world around you,
It’s the reason you’re alive.
We treat it like we have two more,
A trait we won’t survive.

Consider nature whilst you make,
Your moves throughout the day.
Make choices with your little voices,
In the form of pay.

For governments will do anything
To keep their rule afloat.
But make choices with your wallet,
To unlock your infinite vote.

Imagine if we used the tool,
That changed our planet’s face.
Conservation through capitalism,
Should be our only race.

Be happy, you deserve it,
But there are no magic tricks.
If you learn and laugh and love,
At least you’re building with good bricks.

Inside you is the key to find,
Your happy in the now,
It’s not a destination rather,
It’s your horse and plough.

For to sow the seeds of happiness,
You first must know your field.
Then you’ll know, which seeds to plant,
To grow your perfect yield.

Be happy for those around you,
They’re all just trying too!
To make their way ahead in life,
And be happy, just like you.

Help, support, encourage those,
Who clearly follow their hearts.
The things you do for others,
Will become your greatest parts.

Fear will always be there,
Sneaking, peaking at your gate,
As you edge towards your goals,
That fuck will try to change your fate.

Fear of judgement, fear of failure
Fear of missing out.
But the only fear for which you must care is:
Time is running out!

Judging is for judges,
Failure’s just life’s greatest teacher.
FOMO is a no no,
And is not for busy creatures.

So grab your guts and enter the realm,
Beyond your comfort zone.
It’s the place where magic happens,
Where you’ll build your awesome throne.

Money can fund all your dreams,
Or bring you all your troubles.
It will feed you and intrigue you,
But it cannot give you cuddles.

Pursuit of cash for money’s sake,
Is a pit that has no bottom.
Follow it’s tune and you’ll see soon,
Which parts of you’ll go rotten.

Follow through, what makes you whole,
The plugs to all your sockets.
Make this stay your working way,
And love to line your pockets.

Do it all as best you can,
Your work will surely flower.
Then when money comes a knocking,
Don’t go changing by its power.

So when you’ve learnt and laughed and loved
And feeling good and strong,
Don’t forget to tell the rest,
And simply…

Pass it on!


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Having fun whilst I still can. Comedy, metromania and animation.

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The Daily Wail

Having fun whilst I still can. Comedy, metromania and animation.